Time tracking for engineering offices

Time tracking, project time tracking and vacation planning for engineers


Welcome to TimeStatement, your all-in-one solution for efficient time tracking. Our cloud-based time tracking solution is specially designed to meet the complex requirements of engineering offices. We know that engineers are always dealing with challenging projects and tight schedules. That's why we developed TimeStatement to simplify and optimize the process of time tracking and performance measurement.

Project time tracking for engineers

Our time tracking solution allows you to track and manage your team's working hours on projects, clients, and tasks. With just a few clicks, you get detailed reports and charts that give you a clear picture of your team's productivity. With TimeStatement, you can track projects in real time, evaluate your team's work, and ensure that no productive minute is left unused. Our intuitive user interface and powerful analytics make project time tracking a breeze. Say goodbye to old-fashioned time tracking methods and let TimeStatement do the work for you.

Time tracking for engineering offices

Billing for engineering offices

TimeStatement offers you a simple and efficient way to manage your projects and bill your clients. Our time tracking solution allows you to create and customize your invoices with just a few clicks. The billing allows you to create professional invoices easily and quickly. You can bill your recorded services and fees at the push of a button. Hardly any time recording software offers such a flexible and professional customization of the invoice template. The invoice template can be customized to your corporate design, for example by adding your own logo and your company colors. Impress your clients with flawless invoices! Furthermore, TimeStatement offers you the possibility to create your invoices in different currencies. You can also set individual payment terms per customer and issue your invoices in different languages.

Example Billing Invoice

Working time recording for engineering offices

Simplify your work with TimeStatement, the intuitive time recording solution specially designed for engineering offices. In the fast-paced world of engineering offices, it is essential to keep accurate and timely records of your employees' working hours. TimeStatement is here to help. Our employee time tracking solution is specifically designed to comply with Swiss labor law. You can legally and easily document the working hours, breaks, overtime and absences of your employees.

With just one glance at your dashboard, you can see at any time whether overtime has been incurred or whether there are time deficits. This allows you to identify potential problems early and take appropriate measures. With TimeStatement, you have an accurate and transparent overview of your employees' working hours. This not only simplifies the management of working hours, but also ensures that your company remains in compliance with legal requirements. Invest in the efficiency and legal security of your engineering office with TimeStatement.

Absences and vacation planning for engineering offices

Planning absences and vacations has never been easier. With TimeStatement, you can manage all your employee holidays, sickness and leisure days in one central location. Our clear, user-friendly calendar view shows you at a glance who is absent when, and thus helps to avoid staff shortages and keep the workflow smooth.

Our system also allows you to approve or reject requests for holidays and exemptions directly in the system (this functionality can be switched on or off individually). This promotes transparency and helps to avoid misunderstandings. With TimeStatement, you always have an overview and can ensure that your team is in the right place at the right time.


Thanks to our SaaS solution, you can use your resources more efficiently and focus on what really matters - your projects and your clients. Our billing and reporting features also allow you to keep your finances in check and ensure that your projects stay within budget. Try TimeStatement today and experience how easy time tracking can be. Whether you are a small engineering office or a large engineering company, TimeStatement can boost your productivity and efficiency and help you achieve your goals.