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Software for time tracking, project time tracking, and absence management
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Time tracking

Time tracking helps you efficiently and conveniently keep track of your employees' working hours while following the law. With our time tracking system, you can easily see your employees' target and actual hours, including any overtime or holidays, and also create time sheets or attendance lists. Our time tracking also includes a time clock function for recording working hours on site and a mobile app for recording working hours on the go.

Project Time Tracking

The Project Timesheet is useful for service providers who want to quickly and easily record the services they provide. With the project timesheet, you can view your employees' working hours at any time and use project time tracking to accurately bill for services and fees with just a few clicks. You can also use it to identify any time or cost overruns in a timely manner. TimeStatement allows you to digitize your project management, project reporting, expense tracking and customer management all in one place.


Our billing system simplifies and speeds up the process of invoicing for your services. It allows you to easily create and send invoices, credit notes, and reminders in bulk or individually, and import/export invoices in various formats. You can also offer various payment options to your customers and use our project billing feature to bill for time and expenses based on your own rules and rates. Plus, our financial planning tools help you create offers, quotes, and manage cash flow.

Absence management

Our absence management system helps you organize and track holidays and absences. You can request, approve, and reject absences online, and customize absence categories and rules. You can also create absence lists and reports and monitor your employees' remaining holidays and absences with ease. Our absence management includes a time-off calculator, a public holiday calendar, and a notification feature to help you stay informed.

What our customers say

Engineering Office

BDS Civil Engineers

Since 2019, we have been using TimeStatement for our time tracking and are extremely satisfied. Our productivity and efficiency in everyday work has significantly increased due to the user-friendly interface and the rapid implementation of new functions. TimeStatement has enabled us to master the challenges of project time recording, employee time tracking, holiday planning, and absence management with ease and efficiency. It has not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. We warmly recommend it to any engineering office looking for a flexible and reliable solution for time tracking.


HELLER IT + Treuhand GmbH

As a young startup, we always tracked time using an Excel document. The monthly invoices were laboriously calculated and written by hand in Microsoft Word. Now that we are allowed to write more and more invoices, this time investment is no longer sustainable and an automatic solution was needed. The most important criteria for this new solution were: ability to record multiple customers and projects, worldwide access, cost-effective, automatic invoice creation - and most importantly: the invoice must match our corporate design. TimeStatement offers exactly what we had hoped for: multiple customers can be created, each customer can have multiple projects, access via the website is possible from anywhere, and the invoice template can be freely edited in a MS Word-like editor.


O'Donovan Consulting AG

TimeStatement offers us the time tracking we need in project work. We are thrilled with the quick implementation of additional features we wish for. We are happy to have found TimeStatement, a tool that is tailored to our needs and works customer-oriented.

Lawyers & Law

Law firm

We are really very satisfied with the app. How much easier and more intuitive time tracking and invoicing have become. Even if a question arises, one seeks support, one feels taken care of, taken seriously.

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