Accountants' time tracking solution

Comprehensive time tracking, project time tracking and vacation planning specifically for accountants


Meet TimeStatement, your comprehensive resource for efficient time tracking. Our cloud-based time tracking solution is specifically tailored to meet the intricate needs of accountants. Recognizing the ongoing challenges and tight schedules that accountants face, we've designed TimeStatement to streamline and enhance your time tracking and performance assessment processes.

Time Tracking for Projects

Our time tracking tool allows you to oversee and manage your team's hours on projects, clients, and tasks. Detailed reports and charts that highlight your team's productivity are available at your fingertips. TimeStatement enables real-time project tracking, team work evaluation, and ensures no minute of productivity is wasted. Our user-friendly interface combined with potent analytics make project time tracking seamless. Step into a new era of time tracking with TimeStatement and leave behind the obsolete methods.

Time tracking for accountants

Invoice Generation for Accountants

TimeStatement provides a straightforward and efficient solution for managing your projects and billing your clients. Our time tracking system lets you create and tailor your invoices easily. The billing feature enables quick and professional invoice creation, billing your recorded services and fees with a simple click. Few time recording software offer such a customizable and professional invoice template. Adjust the invoice template to reflect your company's brand by adding your logo and company colors. Make an impression with flawless invoices! Moreover, TimeStatement gives you the capability to issue invoices in multiple currencies, set customer-specific payment terms, and generate invoices in various languages.

Sample Billing Invoice

Timekeeping for Accountants

Streamline your workflow with TimeStatement, a time recording tool specially curated for accountants. In the hectic world of accountancy, maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of your employees' work hours is crucial. TimeStatement is designed specifically to adhere to Swiss labor laws. You can effortlessly document the working hours, breaks, overtime, and absences of your employees legally.

A quick look at your dashboard will reveal if overtime has occurred or if there are time deficits. Early identification of potential issues and taking appropriate measures is made possible. With TimeStatement, you gain an accurate and transparent view of your employees' work hours. This not only simplifies work hours management, but also ensures your company's compliance with legal regulations.

Vacation and Absence Planning for Accountants

TimeStatement simplifies the process of planning absences and vacations. You can centralize all your employee holidays, sickness and personal days with TimeStatement. A clear, easy-to-use calendar view shows when each employee is absent, helping to prevent staff shortages and maintain workflow efficiency.

The system also allows you to accept or decline holiday and exemption requests directly in the system (this feature can be individually enabled or disabled). This fosters transparency and minimizes misunderstandings. With TimeStatement, you maintain an overview and can ensure your team is where they need to be when they need to be.

Final Thoughts

With our SaaS solution, you can better utilize your resources and focus on what truly matters - your projects and clients. Our invoicing and reporting capabilities also allow you to maintain your finances under control and ensure that your projects remain on budget. Experience the simplicity of time tracking with TimeStatement today. Regardless of whether you're a small or medium-sized accounting firm, TimeStatement can enhance your productivity and efficiency, enabling you to reach your objectives.