About Us

Time tracking, project timesheet and absence management

TimeStatement AG is a manufacturer of innovative web-based and server/desktop time tracking solutions.

Our time tracking service is ideal for small (SMEs) and large businesses, as well as freelancers who are looking for a modern and intuitive time tracking solution.

With the cloud-based implementation of TimeStatement, your time tracking and invoicing is accessible and ready for further processing or tracking via the web from anywhere.

Depending on the needs of your business, TimeStatement can not only handle time tracking, but also generate multilingual invoices with international currency support for sending with just a few clicks.

Easily, simply, and at any time digitally manage and run your business without any installations or infrastructure upgrades through the cloud.

Support your company with an efficient and powerful complete solution «TimeStatement»

Our Visions and Mission

Our vision is to always offer our customers the highest value by developing high-quality and intuitive software that meets the needs of our customers in every respect.

We want to grow together with our employees, customers, and partners and become the first address for high-quality, intuitive software for small and large companies worldwide.


TimeStatement AG
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