Project Time Tracking

Track your project times easily and efficiently in the cloud


Project time tracking is an essential part of business management. With a powerful time tracking solution, you can track and optimize your project times easily and efficiently. TimeStatement is a cloud-based time tracking solution specially developed for the needs of businesses. With TimeStatement, you can record your project times in real-time, create detailed reports, and effectively manage your projects.

Why is project time tracking important?

Project time tracking offers a range of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Improved project planning and control: With a powerful time tracking solution, you can accurately capture and monitor your project times. This gives you a better understanding of the progress of your projects and allows for adjustments as needed.
  • Increased transparency and collaboration: TimeStatement allows you to track the project times of all team members in one place. This improves transparency and collaboration within the team.
  • Optimized resource planning: With TimeStatement, you can more effectively plan and allocate your resources. This can save you costs and complete your projects faster.

What does TimeStatement offer?

With TimeStatement's project time tracking, you can easily and effectively manage your team's working hours. Our project time tracking allows you to allocate your employees' working hours to projects, clients, and tasks. This gives you a detailed overview of your team's productivity. With TimeStatement, you can track projects in real-time, evaluate your team's work, and ensure that no productive minute is lost. TimeStatement's intuitive user interface and powerful analytics make project time tracking a breeze. Say goodbye to old-fashioned time tracking methods and let TimeStatement take care of time tracking for you.

Digital Project Time Tracking

Permission Management

With TimeStatement, the admin gets the flexibility for each project to set individual permissions for employees. This allows for customized access control that can be adjusted depending on the project requirement and complexity. For example, the admin can decide which team members can view the hourly rates. This granular permission management not only contributes to data security but also allows for more efficient and targeted project management. Thus, each employee can use exactly the information and functions they need for their work without being distracted by irrelevant details.


TimeStatement provides a simple yet effective solution for organizing and billing your projects and clients. With our project time tracking solution, you can effortlessly create and customize QR invoices. The invoicing feature allows you to quickly and easily generate professional invoices. You can bill your services and expenses at the push of a button. Our software stands out for its flexibility and professionalism in customizing invoice templates. You can even customize the templates to match your company design, such as by adding your own logo and company colors. Impress your clients with flawless invoices! Furthermore, TimeStatement offers you the possibility to create your invoices in different currencies. You can also set individual payment terms per client and issue your invoices in various languages.

Sample Invoice



Thanks to our cloud-based project time tracking solution, you always have an overview of your projects, tasks, expenses, and resources. A continuously available comparison between target and actual data for projects and orders allows you to efficiently control your projects. Test TimeStatement today and experience how easy project time tracking can be.