Time Tracking for Architecture Firms

Project time tracking, work time tracking and vacation planning for architects


Architectural firms are complex enterprises faced with numerous different tasks and requirements. One of these is time tracking. Efficient and effective time tracking is important for project planning, cost control, and invoicing. Welcome to TimeStatement – the intuitive, powerful time tracking software specially designed for the needs of Architecture Firms. Our cloud-based solution provides you with seamless integration of your projects, time tracking, and invoicing, optimizes your workflows, and boosts your team's productivity. Find out here how TimeStatement helps you manage your projects more efficiently and make optimal use of your resources.

Project Time Tracking for Architecture Firms

With TimeStatement, you can precisely and effortlessly capture the working hours of your projects. Our user-friendly time tracking allows you to keep track of the time spent on each individual project. Whether it's design planning, client meetings, or site visits, TimeStatement offers you the flexibility to document each activity accurately. Optimize your scheduling and increase the efficiency of your team. Capturing project times is a breeze with our simple user interface and powerful analysis tools.

Architecture timesheet software

Billing for Architecture Firms

Transform your working hours directly into precise, professional invoices. TimeStatement automates your billing process and reduces administrative effort. With just a few clicks, you can create detailed invoices that reflect your work performed. Only a few time tracking softwares offer such flexible and professional customization of invoice templates. Let your invoices shine with your corporate design and leave a lasting impression on your clients. Thanks to integrated project budgets and reports, you always keep track of your finances. TimeStatement makes invoicing for architectural firms simple and efficient.

Sample Billing Invoice

Work Time Recording for Architecture Firms

Optimize your operational processes in architectural offices with TimeStatement, a tailor-made system for recording working hours. For architectural firms, it is essential to have accurate and timely records of their employees' hours. TimeStatement emerges here as the ideal solution. Our time tracking software allows you to record your employees' working hours in a simple and efficient way.

Through the clear dashboard, you can always see whether overtime has been worked or if there are deficits in your employees' working hours. Early detection of problems and taking appropriate measures is thereby facilitated. TimeStatement provides you with a precise and clear overview of your team's working hours. This not only simplifies time management but also ensures that your company remains compliant with legal regulations.

Absences and Vacation Planning for Architecture Firms

Managing vacation days, sickness absences, and other employee leave is now more efficient and user-friendly than ever with TimeStatement. With our centralized platform, you can seamlessly coordinate all vacations, sick days, and other absences of your employees. Thanks to our clear calendar view, you can see at a glance which employees are absent, helping you to avoid staffing shortages and ensure a steady workflow.

TimeStatement also offers the ability to approve or reject holiday and leave requests directly in the application – a feature that can be activated or deactivated as needed. This increases transparency in the company and reduces the risk of misunderstandings. With TimeStatement, you have the assurance of always having a full overview of your team's presence and absence, ensuring that all employees are at the required place at the desired time.


In conclusion, TimeStatement provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient timesheet solution for time and project management in architectural firms. Our cloud-based solution is designed to simplify your workflows and increase productivity. From precise project time tracking to automated billing processes, to easy management of working hours and absences – TimeStatement is your all-in-one platform that integrates seamlessly into your daily work routine. Step into the future of project management and experience how TimeStatement supports your architectural firm in working more efficiently, productively, and successfully.