Time Management

Without good time management, the working day can become extremely stressful because you often feel under pressure and are simply not able finish your work on time, which naturally leads to a reduction in time for leisure activities and relaxation - and consequently even more stress in everyday life. Time management means that your schedule is carried out with discipline and an ingenious system so that you have more time for something more important in your job and in your own private life. Thus, time management leads to a certain balance and more success and satisfaction in life, in other words an improved quality of life. To provide you with the perfect basis, we offer you a time management tool. With our tool, time management becomes a very straightforward and simple project for you.

Time management in the age of the Internet

There are many ways to manage your time well, but some of the options are no longer up-to-date as they are not connected to the digitalization and are not really connected to today's workplace.
Thanks to our system, you are able to take on the time of the day and thus manage your time management online. To find out which task takes up the most time, you can take advantage of our time tracking tool, as online measurements of the working hours are extremely helpful and provide a good overview. In addition, Web-based time tracking provides the opportunity to learn more about the workflow of your employees so that the task distribution does not stagnate the workflow and so that the employee can manage their time well without worrying about other tasks when they are busy with another important task.

Why use TimeStatement for time management?

Our time management tool is a cloud-based system, which means you can use this tool without having to install it on your own hardware components. This allows you to track your time more cost-effectively and more comfortably, then analyze the time distribution and, ultimately, greatly improve your time management. Our cloud-based time management tool is especially advantageous because only an internet-enabled terminal and, of course, an internet connection are necessary. All the data you are interested in such as the time spent on a task or the overtime, can be retrieved quickly online from any location. In particular, project members and freelancers who want to improve their time management can benefit greatly from this method for time management, since our tool is especially concerned with the aspect of flexibility and transparency.

This allows the team and the project to be monitored and managed in real-time, as well as possible shortcomings in the ***scheduling of members ***. Time management done on paper or with Excel has more disadvantages compared to our cloud-based time management system. Time management on paper has long been out of date and time management with Excel has many negative aspects. Anyone who does their time management using Excel has the disadvantage that the respective data has to be deposited and processed on internal computers or over local networks. Moreover, the respective data can not be updated in real-time as is the case with the online time management. In addition, Excel is a relatively complex program, which also entails a greater amount of time and increased errors.

These are all aspects that you would like to avoid during time management. After all, it serves to reduce the stress level of the workplace and not to increase it. This is the best way to manage time management online, since the two more well-known alternatives - the outdated time management on paper as well as time management with Excel - are rather tedious and less efficient options.

With our cloud-based time management tool, we offer a meaningful and efficient option that is particularly suitable for freelancers and project teams.

The characteristics of precision and flexibility are core components of our tool, which means that you can count on us for correctness and reliability.
Try our free system to improve your time management and discover all the other useful features that we can offer you.