Time tracking

The modern way to track time - easy and precise

Time tracking for trust companies, agencies, consulting firms, engineers, IT service providers, freelancers, architects, law firms, public administration, municipalities, SMEs, banks, insurance companies, and other industries.

With our simple time tracking system, your team can easily keep track of their hours and vacation balances at any time. The regular hours and vacation balance are automatically calculated based on the employment details on file. TimeStatement can easily handle full-time, part-time, or annual changes in FTE. This makes it easy to accurately track and manage time off.

Managers have comprehensive reports on regular hours, recorded hours, and overtime at their fingertips.

Time tracking with badge, fingerprint, or smartphone

Whether with badge or fingerprint, a time tracking terminal allows your employees to efficiently and accurately track their working hours. The working hours are recorded in real-time in the cloud-based time tracking software TimeStatement after they are stamped.

Thanks to our web application and native iPhone and Android app, you can easily use the time stamping functions via browser or smartphone. This allows you to save on terminal costs and offer the optimal solution for employees working from home or remotely.

Time tracking, work time tracking, and employee time tracking
Digital stamp clock - Arrival Digital stamp clock - Departure
Time tracking terminal with badge, fingerprint, RFID

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