Time Tracking for Consulting

Project time tracking, work time recording, and holiday planning for Consulting


Welcome to TimeStatement, your all-in-one solution for efficient project time tracking and work time tracking. Our cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is tailored to the needs of consulting firms. In the dynamic world of consulting, it's more important than ever to use time effectively and optimize processes. TimeStatement offers you a user-friendly and intuitive solution that helps you accurately capture your project times, effortlessly create invoices and efficiently manage your staff.

Project Time Tracking for Consulting

Gain control and transparency over your project times with TimeStatement, the intuitive and powerful SaaS solution for consulting firms.

  • Precise Time Tracking: Track your team's working hours down to the minute on projects, clients, and tasks.
  • Detailed Reports: Obtain meaningful reports and diagrams on team productivity with just a few clicks.
  • Real-Time Project Tracking: Keep an eye on project progress at all times and identify potential bottlenecks early.
  • Powerful Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your team's workflows and optimize your resource planning.
  • Intuitive Operation: TimeStatement's user-friendly interface enables quick and easy time tracking.
  • Time Saving: Automate tedious administrative tasks and gain valuable time for your core tasks.
  • Cost Efficiency: Improve the profitability of your projects through precise time tracking and transparent billing.
Time Tracking for Consulting Firms

Billing for Consulting

TimeStatement offers you a simple and efficient way to manage your projects and bill your clients. Our time tracking solution enables you to create and customize your QR invoices with just a few clicks. Billing allows you to create professional invoices easily and quickly. You can bill your recorded services and fees at the touch of a button. Few time tracking software offers such a flexible and professional customization of the invoice template. The invoice template can be adapted to your corporate design, for example, by adding your own logo and company colors. Impress your clients with flawless invoices! Furthermore, TimeStatement offers you the option to create your invoices in different currencies. You can also set individual payment terms per client and issue your invoices in different languages.

Sample Billing Invoice

Work Time Recording for Consulting

Simplify your work with TimeStatement, the intuitive time tracking solution specifically for consulting firms. In the fast-paced world of consulting, it is essential to keep accurate and timely records of your employees' working hours. TimeStatement is here to help you. Our solution for employee time tracking is specifically designed to comply with Swiss labor law. You can document working hours, breaks, overtime, and absences of your employees in a legally secure and uncomplicated manner.

With just a glance at your dashboard, you can always see if overtime has occurred or if there are time deficits. This allows you to identify potential problems early and take appropriate measures. With TimeStatement, you have an accurate and transparent overview of your employees' working hours. This not only makes managing working times easier but also ensures that your company remains compliant with legal requirements. Invest in the efficiency and legal security of your consulting firm with TimeStatement.

Absences and Holiday Planning for Consulting

Planning absences and holidays has never been easier. With TimeStatement, you can manage all your employees' holidays, sickness, and free days in one central location. Our clear, user-friendly calendar view shows you at a glance who is absent when, helping to avoid staff shortages and keep the workflow smooth.

Our system also allows you to approve or reject requests for holidays and leave directly in the system (this functionality can be turned on or off individually). This promotes transparency and helps avoid misunderstandings. With TimeStatement, you always have an overview and can ensure that your team is in the right place at the right time.


With our SaaS solution, you can use resources more effectively and focus on what's essential: your projects and clients. Our tools for time tracking, invoicing, and reporting help you manage your finances clearly and realize projects within budget. Discover the simplicity of time tracking with TimeStatement, whether you are a small or large consulting firm. TimeStatement boosts your productivity and efficiency and supports you in achieving your goals.