Hourly rates

Freelancers enjoy many freedoms that makes them envied by employees. However, this kind of activity entails many responsibilities. In particular the calculation of the hourly rates represents an important and delicate task for freelancers. Finally, their financial basis depends on this: price offers that are too low have often cause frustrating financial difficulties and high price offers can scare off potential customers.
Therefore, the calculation of realistic fees is of the utmost relevance and should be carried out as flawlessly as possible so that the respective freelancer has a good working basis.
Our system helps you to calculate your hourly rates and to present your customers with the best price offers.

Why TimeStatement is the right system for you?

As a freelancer, you want to calculate the most realistic fee so you can offer your own work at a reasonable price for the customer as well as for yourself.
However, the calculation is often relatively time-consuming and laborious, which is why a program for hour-rate calculation is extremely useful. With our tool, you can quickly get an overview of your working hours and expenses and finally calculate the hourly rates with just the required data. The layout of our system is extremely user-friendly and clear. In addition, our system is cloud-based, which means that it is accessible online. This allows you to access the relevant data from any location. A characteristic of our system which stands out is the aspect of flexibility. For example, you can take advantage of this flexibility when tracking expenses or when you are working and you can then conveniently and efficiently calculate your respective hourly rates.

Why does a cloud-based system make more sense than other options?

There are two known alternatives to the Cloud System, with which you can also calculate hourly rates. The two other options are the calculation of the respective hourly rate with pen and paper, which is becoming less and less relevant due to the digitalization, and the other is the more typical hourly rate calculation with Excel. Our cloud system gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily update the data you are interested in and to view them. This option is not available for the two alternatives to the cloud system.

For example, for the calculation of hourly rates using Excel, you must save the respective data to the respective internal computers or over local networks and subsequently process them. However with the help of the cloud-based system, you can save and manage the data online and profit from the fact that our program gives you the possibility to automatically generate your expenses. This saves time, money and paper. Apart from this, it is tedious and time-consuming to calculate the hourly rates using Excel. In addition, Excel is a very error-prone and relatively intransparent system.

Consequently, neither the obsolete concept of the calculation of the hourly rate, nor the calculation of the hourly rate with Excel is an efficient and flexible possibility - and because of this, not particularly useful for freelancers. Thus, our cloud-based program is a useful and efficient way for freelancers to calculate their respective hourly rates.