Project Management

Project management is an essential factor for companies in dealing with projects, as a company is constantly confronted with projects, and none of the various projects can be simply neglected. An overview of the various projects can be lost very quickly in the face of the often very large number of projects. Accordingly, each company needs a completely intact project management program, so that not a single project is of a quality inferiority, is completed to the satisfaction of the respective customer and all deadlines and specifications regarding the projects are adhered to. A functioning project management program is thus the key to customer satisfaction and efficient work. With our project management software, we give you the opportunity to manage your projects the best way possible and in turn to satisfy your clientele.

Why does the project management tool by TimeStatement stand out?

What makes our software for project management stand out is that our program is a cloud-based system, meaning that you have the opportunity to access the data you are interested in online from anywhere in the world.

This does not require the previous installation of the software for project management on your respective terminal. This makes project management relatively simple and cost-effective, especially since the use of our tool requires no more than one internet-enabled data terminal and a usable internet connection. As a result, you can manage your projects from any device be it a Mac, a Windows computer, or any other data device. By being cloud-based, our project management program can directly access and update the data. Because of this, our software offers a certain flexibility and transparency for project management, which is particularly interesting for freelancers and project teams. Further advantages of our program are, on the one hand, the user-friendly and clearly arranged layout and on the other hand, the aspect of data protection and data security. Our cloud system offers you a special degree of data protection and data security, since our servers are located in Switzerland and our software is subject to the strict Swiss data protection laws.

The benefits of a cloud-based program

The classic project management with pen & paper and project management using Excel are the two best known alternatives to the cloud system. The classic project management on paper is becoming increasingly forgotten, since this is no longer an up-to-date option, which is extremely tedious and error-prone. The project management with Excel, on the other hand, is still frequently found in various companies, but it has some deficits that considerably reduce the quality of project management. Neither of these options allows you to view and update your own data in a simple and real-time manner. For Excel, the respective data must be stored, for example, on internal computers or over local networks and then processed.

However our cloud-based project management software gives you the ability to manage your project online and update your data in real-time. In addition, the management of projects with Excel is a more burdensome and time-consuming option and is very error-prone and untransparent. Neither project management on paper nor project management with Excel is more efficient than the project administration, which is done online via the cloud system.
This is why our cloud-based project management program is a useful and efficient option that is ideal for freelancers and project teams alike.

Our system is distinguished by the fact that it is extremely precise and flexible, which is why you can always count on us for correctness and reliability.
Test our project management tool for free and discover all the other useful features that we offer.