Hourly Tracking

The hourly tracking is an essential aspect of the work relationship. It is the basis for each cost calculation and must be carried out 100% correctly. This where we help you: With our hourly tracking system this task is quite easy. This is due to the fact that we offer the possibility to carry out the hourly tracking in different languages, thus making it possible for you to carry out the time measurement easily even in the case of non-English-speaking employees and with supranational companies.

Hourly Tracking – the only logical way to check working hours

You can use the hourly tracking to get an overview of the working hours of your employees. Fortunately, you no longer need a punch clock with a punch card, but you can perform the hourly tracking online with an electronic hourly tracking system. Thus, the best way to check the working time of the cooperation has become easier to manage.
The advantages of our hourly tracking system
Our hourly tracking system is a cloud-based system. This means that you can access this tool without having previously installed it on your own computer. This has the advantage of making this project easier and more cost-effective. After all, you only need an Internet-enabled terminal, such as a Mac or Windows computer - and, of course, a functioning Internet connection. In addition, our cloud-based data collection system allows you to quickly retrieve data from anywhere in the world. The flexibility offered by the cloud-based system is ideal for projects involving more than one person, and is a fantastic way to track hours, especially for freelancer.

Advantages over hourly tracking with Excel

Accordingly, there are some differences to the classical hourly tracking on paper and the hourly tracking with Excel. In the two alternatives to cloud-based hourly tracking, it is especially disadvantageous that the respective data must be deposited and processed on internal PCs or in local networks and the data is not updated in real time. Hourly tracking with Excel results mainly in the disadvantages of the complexity of the Excel program, the time and the error. In addition, the option of hourly tracking with Excel is extremely untransparent, which may even have a negative effect on the relationship between the manager and the employee, since none of the pages can actually prove the given working hours. The two alternatives - the outdated hourly tracking on the paper as well as the hourly tracking with Excel - are rather cumbersome and less efficient options than the cloud-based hourly tracking.
Thus, with our cloud-based hourly tracking system, we offer a logical and efficient hourly tracking option that is particularly suitable for freelancers.

How to use our system

This is by no means magic and the use of our hour recording system is a children's game. Go to the dashboard "Timesheet" and click on "Create Activity". Then you can select the project, name the task as "planning" or "execution", select the date, specify the time and, if desired, write a comment. Once you have created the activity, you can begin live tracking.

Precision and flexibility are the most important characteristics of our tool, which is why you can count on our correctness and reliability.
Test our free time tracking system and discover the variety of other useful features we offer.