Customer Management

A company is always confronted with customers and strives to fulfill their customer’s wishes and expectations. At the heart of this customer contact is customer management. Without a functioning customer management program, customer support and customer acquisition are almost impossible.

Consequently, customers can not be satisfied without intact customer management software, resulting in a deterioration of the relationship with the customer. In addition, a non-functioning customer management program has a negative impact on the efficiency of the company or freelancer. In order to provide you with effective and efficient customer management, we offer you the possibility to manage your customer administration online via our system.

What makes our customer management program stand out?

Our customer management program is a cloud-based program, which means that you can access the data online from anywhere. This does not require installation of the customer management software on the terminal you are using. This allows you to manage your customers at a reasonable cost and simple, since our tool requires no more than one internet-enabled data terminal and an intact internet connection. You are then able to manage your customers from any device, regardless of whether they are using Mac or Windows computers. Because our customer management system is cloud-based, you have direct access to the data that can always be updated.

As a result, the flexibility our customer management program provides you with is a great advantage especially for freelancers and projects with multiple project members. On top of that, our layout is user-friendly and easy to understand, thus facilitating the use of our customer management program. Cloud systems are often associated with a lack of data protection and data security. With us, you do not need to worry, because we enable you to cloud-manage your customers without neglecting the two aspects of data protection and data security. This is mainly ensured by the fact that our servers are located in Switzerland and our system is under the strict Swiss data protection laws.

Why a cloud-based program instead of other options?

Two typical ways to manage your own customers are, on the one hand, the classic customer management on paper, which, is constantly becoming a rarity, and the customer management with Excel. In contrast to cloud-based customer management, these two options offered do not provide the ability to update and view the data quickly and easily.

The data must be stored, for example, on internal computers or over local networks and then processed. The cloud-based customer management program, on the other hand, enables customer management to be done online, which means that it can be updated in real-time. With the other two options, this is not possible. Apart from this, it is more difficult and more time-consuming for you to manage your customers with Excel. Customer management with Excel is extremely error-prone and intransparent. Accordingly, neither the outdated concept of customer management on paper nor the customer administration with Excel is more efficient than the customer administration, which is done online via the cloud system.
This is why our cloud-based customer management program represents a sensible and efficient option, which is particularly suitable for freelancers.

The quintessence of our system represents the aspects of precision and flexibility, which allows you to count on us for correctness and reliability.
Test our free customer management tool and discover the many other useful features we offer.