Electronic Invoice

Invoices represent an elementary part of the business day and are an absolute must. Electronic invoices are becoming more relevant in today's digital age. They have some advantages over the paper invoices for companies. However, the requirements for the creation of the electronic invoices are identical to those of the paper invoices, so many requirements and regulations must be observed. In order to make it easier for you to do the invoicing, we have designed our tool: With our system you can easily create and check your invoices.

Why does an electronic invoice make more sense than a paper invoice?

The electronic invoice is not only the more up-to-date option, but also the more advantageous type of invoice. If you opt for electronic invoices, you have the advantage of being able to save money as well as time, as the paper invoices are sent via the post service and thus becoming an extremely time-consuming project. With an electronic invoice you do not have to enclose and frank the paper documents and there is obviously no need to file the paper invoice somewhere. In addition, the required information can be transmitted faster in time, which is why a significantly smaller area is required for archiving the invoices. Plus it is much easier and quicker to access the respective electronic invoice after archiving it.

Whats makes TimeStatement System so special?

Our system is a cloud-based program which means that it is accessible online. This allows you to access the relevant data from any location in the world. By using a cloud-based system you can also benefit from a better overview, the avoidance of errors, saving time and most importantly, the transparency of the system.

The layout of our program is particularly characterized by user-friendliness and clarity, thus providing you with an ideal basis for the efficient creation of electronic invoices. It is not necessary to install the program beforehand on your data terminal to create an invoice via our system. This gives you the option of creating uncomplicated, paperless and cost-effective invoices and then also making it the easier to manage them in the future. Our system enables you to create and manage electronic invoices conveniently and efficiently.

Creating electronic invoices with TimeStatement

With our system, you can automatically generate your ***electronic invoices *** and then adjust the layout of the respective invoice according to your wishes. Our program supports numerous currencies and gives you the opportunity to generate your electronic invoices in a multitude of languages, which is particularly beneficial with today's globalization and the associated collaboration with companies from all over the world.

In addition, our system allows you to include the expenses automatically when creating your invoices - saving you even more time and energy. With our system, you can save your already generated electronic invoices as "Word Documents" so that you can edit them further if necessary. This possibility accentuates the extremely relevant aspect of the flexibility with regards to the design of the pattern for the creation of the electronic invoice. This gives you the perfect basis for a completely unrestricted invoice creation.

With regard to our system, we have focused on the aspects of precision and flexibility. As a result, you can always count on us for correctness and reliability.
Try free of charge our program and discover the many practical features that we also offer.