Order Management

The management of orders is an aspect of the order processing and takes place after the offer preparation. The starting point of the order management is the placing of the order by the respective customer. Depending on the client and the nature of the contract, the concept of order management includes the planning and management of the work, the examination of the solvency, the preparation of the relevant dispatch documents, the procurement of materials and, in addition, the invoice preparation. In addition, the time required for the order management must be included in the delivery time. Accordingly, the order management is an extremely important and complex aspect, which should be carried out as error-free as possible. Our order management program helps you:
With our order management program, you can carry out the most important tasks here conveniently and efficiently.

What distinguishes our order management program?

With our cloud-based application, you can access the relevant data online - from any location. In this case, no prior installation of our system is necessary on your respective data terminal, which means that the processing of the order becomes an unproblematic and cost-effective project for you. Thanks to our system, work planning and control can be handled very simply, as well as the creation of the required shipping documents.

In our order management program, you can profit from our automatic generation of professional invoices in several languages, which allows you to customize the layout of your invoice, which gives you a certain degree of flexibility. Also worth mentioning is the fact that a large number of currencies are supported by the program - so you have no difficulties when in business with national as well as supranational companies.

The specifics of a cloud-based program against other options

Apart from the Cloud System, there are two other main options for managing an order: pen and paper and with Excel. The management of orders on paper is a very obsolete possibility, which is almost no longer available in factories, whereas the management of orders with Excel is relatively frequent. However, order management with Excel is by no means an option which corresponds to the current time - this role is more likely to be attributed to online order management via the cloud system.

With our cloud-based program for order management, you can quickly and easily update and view the relevant data. This is not the case for either of the other two options. In addition, the processing and storing of data on internal computers or over local networks must be carried out during order management with Excel. With our order management program, you can manage your orders online and, for example, automatically include all necessary information in an invoice when creating invoices. This makes our cloud-based option a more convenient and efficient way to handle order management over the two alternatives. The order management with Excel is a lot more complex, time consuming and extremely error-prone.

In addition, there is the deficit of the lack of transparency in order management with Excel, as well as in order management on paper. As a result, neither the already outdated option of job processing on paper nor the managing of orders with Excel is a more appropriate option than the order management that is done online via the cloud system. Our cloud-based order management program is an extremely efficient and uncomplicated option, which is especially suited for freelancers, in particular because of its flexibility.

You can always count on us with our care and reliability, as the design of our program is focused on the aspects of flexibility and meticulousness.
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