How to build social media presence for a product/service-based company

We have already discussed the reason why your business needs social media and how to use it effectively. If you haven’t read that, don’t worry I shall attach the link below.

Social media is only a tool for marketing. It cannot be a total substitute for traditional marketing. It is a crucial branch in marketing.

With that in context, we will understand what social media presence is and how you can build it.

Social Media Presence: The portrayal or reflection of your core brand values in the digital world. That’s it. In just, that is what mostly comprises of social media presence for brands.

How to build it?

Product based businesses can showcase their products and really appeal to the customers or the audience. Service-based businesses find it difficult to market them through some social media channels. However, there is nothing to be disheartened as there are social media channels which cater to the specific businesses. Know that this is only our categorization and it is not official or paper rule. If you find some social media channels working for your business, then please do continue with that.

Here we go:

Strategy: - What is your marketing strategy? What is your marketing budget? What are your business goals? These are some basic you must answer before you start with social media. The fact: opening a business account on social media will be free but you must pay for ads and that is where you must decide what budget it is and also you must decide your ad profile settings. Examples- age (who can use your products?), geographical location (do you ship internationally?), different ad plans etc… These are best determined by you or your marketing guy and these are very crucial. However, experiment with them and find out which combination works best for you.

Media Channel: - You got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc…

In our opinion, for product-based businesses

(1) Instagram
(2) YouTube
(3) Snapchat
(4) Facebook

In our opinion, for service-based businesses

(1) Twitter
(2) YouTube
(3) Facebook
(4) LinkedIn

Instagram is great for product-based business because you can showcase your products, grow your followers and increase brand awareness.

Twitter tops for service-based because it is more of a micro-blogging site and you can get really creative at it.

However, there are more social media sites and you can explore if you’d like.

Execution: - Perhaps one of the most important aspects of social media is that your business has an identity and you create it. What you like, retweet or share tells you more about your business. You must be extremely careful and make sure you voice out on only relevant topics. Refrain from your tweeting or making a post when you are HALT – Hungry, Angry, Late or Tired. This statement may be personal but after all, there is a person who is working on behalf of the business and posting all the stuff. Therefore, it matters. There are also tools like Hootsuite and Buffer which help you to schedule the posts and tweets in advance. This will save you time. To an extent, these services are free but for premium features, you must pay.

There you have it, this is the foundation on how to build social media presence and really take your business to the next level.