How to use social media as a tool for a successful business

Social Media has proved to be an extremely important tool for any business in
today’s world. As amazing as these tools seem to be, very few companies use social media effectively to communicate about their products and services.

After all, just practice doesn’t make a man perfect. Perfect practice makes a man perfect! Alright, let’s get into it.

  1. Content: You have already created a Facebook page, signed up on twitter, opened a business account on Instagram and you have also done your fair bit of research. Correct? That’s all good but the most important is what kind of content you are posting on these social media networks. To make it really simple, content that reflects authenticity and values of your brand will really touch people. Authenticity makes your content unique and stand apart from the crowd. This is really crucial if you are in for the long haul.

  2. Channels: There are so many social networks out there. You must choose the one that resonates with your product as well as the network that will deliver value to your brand. Of course, off the top of one’s head there is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These three are trending right now and you also got Pinterest which is also slowly emerging into the main frame. Keep up with these channels and constantly research as well as identify new social media networks where you think you can really make it.

Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp are banned in China; therefore they use their own social networks.



As you can observe, you may be unaware of several social media networks. However, there is no need to worry. Focus on maximum 5 social media networks for your business. Anything more than 5 will really make you lose focus on the core business itself.

  1. Social Media Tools: There are several good free and paid softwares and services all over the internet that help you take care of your multiple social media accounts. It would be wise to use them. These tools also track your accounts and give relevant data that will prove useful for you to engage your social media audience/customers much adeptly. Some of them are:

  2. Ads: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads have proved very useful in promotion of posts, thereby increasing traffic to the website which leads to more sales. With a simple and powerful strategy, you can tune ads to make them work for your business. Ads help you reach the right audience, promote in the right industry, create awareness about your products and services etc.

  3. Strategy: Last but not the least, a well cut out strategy will give you the foundation and will act as a guide to go forth in your social media endeavours. You can alter the strategy or make certain tweaks if it doesn’t fall in line with your goals. Goals coupled with Strategy will help you make it big in social media.

Remember, this article is intended only to prepare and equip with information that will help you social media tool for business. Each social media network presents its own challenges that will make you understand the network better. The Best way is to start and learn along. Of course, you can figure it out. Good luck.