Some Freelancer tools to make your work easier

Freelancing can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are exceptional tools to make the work easier. We will list proper freelancing tools that will help you to do the job effectively and efficiently. Here we go:

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  1. Project Management Tools: Project Management Tools help you manage and organize your project. You get a very proper visual overview of what you are dealing with and how you organize your projects throughout the week or for the entire year.

    • ( – The UI is very visual and great for managing your projects as well as group activities.
    • Trello ( – Trello is fast, flexible and intuitive. It is great for small businesses and freelancers. Asana ( – if you are just starting out, start using Asana. Its free version is fantastic. It has everything (email, reminders, calendar, alerts etc…) A powerful freelancer tool. Many non-profit organizations use it.
    • Slack ( – The free version of Slack offers you up to 10k messages limit. Slack is very impressive. You can create channels, communicate effectively and get notified immediately. Try it before you buy it.
    • Wunderlist ( – You can use it for your personal use or freelancing. It is simple, keeps you productive, and delivers immense value.
  2. Finance Tools: As the name suggests, these tools manage your payments and receipts better. With a proper account and data, it is easy to understand and balance the financial aspects of your business. Tax and business-related expense become easy to handle.

    • Xero ( – has a great reputation. Xero is amazing for its ability to support its users to manage multiple clients and promises excellent customer support.
    • PayPal ( –unique and very easy to learn and use. It’s got excellent UI.
    • Pancake ( –a one-time buy. This is not a subscription-based service that boasts a variety of features. Efficient invoicing software.
    • FreshBooks ( – features really neat billing and invoicing features.
    • Gusto ( – a simple and organized platform. Best software for HR -payroll and makes HR process efficient and effortless.
  3. Communication Tools: As a freelancer, you are always on the go. These tools make communication with clients and others much easier. We know how important and powerful communication is.

    • Stride ( – offers you essential plugins, gives you room to create new chatting rooms. Customizable and perfect for remote communication.
    • Redbooth ( – fantastic project collaborator. Gives you detailed information on the projects. Easy to track tasks and timing of the projects.
    • Skype ( – known for its call or video call quality. Seamless and powerful communication software. Provides excellent customer support.
    • Ryver ( – good for group task schedules and video conferences. Features project management too. Overall, it is a great collaborator.
    • UberConference ( – extremely easy to use for video conferencing. Has a simple design and serves the purpose as promised.
  4. Cloud Storage Tools: Data backup is important and these tools support constant backing up of data so that you don’t lose your crucial data.

    • Google Drive ( – economical, easy to use and widely accessible. Google is also extremely intuitive and Google drive is one of Google’s best products for personal and professional use.
    • Spinbackup ( – automatically backs up your data. Provides ransomware protection. Allows for Easy restoration.
    • Dropbox ( – allows for quick sync. integration with Microsoft Office. File management is very easy with Dropbox. Backblaze ( – offers automatic backup feature. Encrypted backups. Very economical.
    • Amazon Glacier ( - stores large amounts of data in the long term with competitive pricing.
  5. Productivity Tools: Productivity makes things easy. You take less time to do a certain task with the same value and output. Productivity tools will help you organize work processes effectively.

    • Pocket ( –stores articles from the web. Accessible from phone, web, and desktop. Great for reading content later.
    • IFTTT ( – automates different processes. Innovative and creative. Powerful integration.
    • OmniFocus ( – makes workflow smoother and effortless. Helps you focus on the most important tasks.
    • Cushionapp ( – freelancer focused, comes with a variety of features and displays great design.
    • Textexpander ( – saves you ample time and effort. Allows you to insert “snippets” (email addresses, signatures, code, form letters, images, and more) using a simple keyboard shortcut or abbreviations. A powerful productivity machine.
    • Calendar ( - Make the most of your time. Calendar harnesses the power of machine learning to give smart suggestions for when, where and how your meetings can take place.
    • ( - Save time on scheduling, spend time on the things that matter. Schedule meetings that work for you, create events quickly, always know what’s coming up by the clean design.
    • ( - The smart way to schedule team meetings. Time zone friendly, organize teamwork, faster scheduling with gentle follow ups.

These are some of the tools that will help you do your work in an organized manner. Time is money, so invest it in the right way.

Thanks for reading.

Good Luck!