By 2020, you should know the most exciting business trends in Social Media.

Social Media is evolving rapidly and expeditiously. New social trends are kicking out old ones, it always feels like the world is moving very fast in social media. Businesses find it hard to plan plus keep up with the pace and people constantly fear they are missing out on the next big thing in social media.

Therefore, it is really useful for us to be aware of certain social media that will impact business in 2020. Though these may change or alter, the foundation remains the same. Social Media will stand inevitably for any business, especially in the future.

Social Media on Mobile: - The number of mobile users is already steadily increasing and will totally reach a new height in 2020. This will surely allow more people on the internet and what this means for your business is that – increase in internet users will also result in social media users. More people will know or be aware of your business.

VR: - A new innovative way of shopping could be introduced. Shopping virtually from VR devices as well as also browsing social media through VR will be common and exciting for the customers.

More Visual Shopping: - Currently Instagram is the world’s favorite and popular platform for photos, videos or anything visual like GIFs, animations etc… Brands will be able to showcase their products through videos and photos more powerfully in the future. Since people respond well to visual cues, brands will make effort to deliver the same.

Data: - Brands and companies will have more data to make decisions regarding social media. Social Media Platforms will provide more customer data to companies so that companies use this data to streamline their processes, better the customer service and continuously monitor the input and output.

Customisations: - Though this may be a little out of scope in this topic, we will look at it. Business may customize products according to customer’s preferences especially small businesses. This transaction will surely take place through social media and much of formality will be stripped away. Customers will get more social with brands and companies.

Importance of Social Media: Currently, social media is considered as a part of marketing in most companies. However, we may witness in a couple of years, social media will establish itself as a separate stream altogether. With due consideration to digital marketing, social media will still emerge as a powerful and independent division in the company.

These are some of the social media trends that might commence or trend in 2020.

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