Alternatives to upwork

Upwork is a digital services platform derived from the merger of Odesk and Elance. Upwork is the leader in hiring freelancers, making it one of the most popular freelancing marketplaces. However, Upwork's focus is more on short-term projects. Upwork has a rating system for freelancers, the ratings are a good starting point to get a picture of a freelancer and to assess whether the freelancer is the right fit for your task.

The entire communication can be done over the Upwork platform, which is a huge help. Hiring and working with a freelancer over Upwork is easy as 1-2-3.

There are also several alternatives to Upwork that are suitable for both short term and long term collaboration. Here below you will find a short overview.

Outsourcely is a convenient and easy way to find, hire and work with proven and reliable freelancers. The freelancers found there come from 132 different countries and are interested in creating longer-term working relationships.
Freelancers can be found by clients looking for specific skills or can apply for freelancing jobs submitted by clients.

Clients can then contact candidates directly by using the real-time private chat, browser-to-browser video and voice call; make use of the video and voice message or the possibility of sending a simple e-mail. This results in a more efficient and simpler assignment process.

Outsoucely is very different from all other talent markets. The first big difference is that Outsourcely mainly looks for long-term labor relations. That's why Outsourcely offers itself above all to clients who are looking for sustainable working relationships and freelancers for a longer period of time. Apart from that, Outsourcely allows clients to hire freelancers directly and pay them directly. This allows clients to save significant amounts of fees required by just about every other platform. Added to this is the advantage of being light in terms of conducting interviews with candidates and the attendant recruitment of talent thanks to the real-time communication capabilities that are integrated into the Outsourcely system.

Thus, customers can contact the candidates without further ado by using the private chat, the browser-to-browser video and voice call, the video and voice message or the possibility of sending an e-mail. This massively speeds up and facilitates the hiring process. The final big difference to other platforms is that Outsourcely has the ability, after hiring one or more freelancers, to lead the remote team through the integrated team workstation platform. It is also possible to invite all members of the existing team to Outsourcely to lead the entire team in one place. is an international outsourcing marketplace that works similar to Upwork. Freelancers allow prospective clients to post jobs, whereupon freelancers can post their offer to complete the job.
The respective client has to publish a job offer and then the freelancers offer their services.

The client can then compare the providers and then choose between them. The service is paid for as soon as the client is satisfied with the service. Registration is free for freelancers, as well as the publication of a project, receiving offers from freelancers, reviewing the portfolios of freelancers and discussing the project needs. The cost and the calculation of the fee will depend on the type of project.

For fixed price projects, a fee of 10% will be charged once each of the chosen freelancers accepts the given project. Should the freelancer be paid more than agreed, a project fee for the additional payments will be calculated and charged. For hourly projects, the client must pay a fee of 10% for each payment to the Freelancer.

Hubstaff Talent is a free directory for companies looking for talented freelancers from around the world. There are no margins or fees on Hubstaff Talent - neither for the freelancers nor for the clients. Accordingly, freelancers get exactly what their customers pay for them.

On this platform, clients can view the hourly rate, skills, experience, and availability, as well as the freelance resume and language skills. Apart from that, it is possible for freelancers to add a short description so that they can communicate more information about themselves to potential clients. Clients can filter in the search for skills, availability, years of experience and country. You can also search for keywords or sentences.

In order to find freelancers and agencies on Hubstaff Talent, the clients simply have to search their profiles there, then contact the freelancers directly, determine the framework conditions for the employment relationship and, of course, start the project.
Agencies can create a profile and add team members there to be found by clients. Freelancers, on the other hand, just need to create a profile, find and contact them and then start the job.

What's more, Hubstaff's time recording software makes it possible to manage the external workforce. The functions of the software include time recording and other functions such as activity monitoring or automatic generation of payroll. One of the biggest advantages of this is that Hubstaff Talent has a flat and simple price structure, with $5 per month per user representing the starting value.

The freelancing marketplace Credo has set itself the task of taking away from the clients the uncertainty regarding the real capabilities of the offering freelancers. Often, there is only the opportunity to look at the portfolios of freelancers, but these are often not very meaningful, as far as the quality of the work of freelancers. For this reason, Credo checks all its providers before they are displayed on the platform.

Unlike other freelancing marketplaces, Credo specializes in a specific field of activity - marketing and SEO. On the site, the client can choose from the list of services offered a service that is of interest to him. The areas are SEO consulting, website SEO check, content marketing / link building, Facebook advertising, Google / Bing advertising, public relations (PR) and more.

Once the choice is made, a list of providers to choose from will be displayed. Due to the examination of the providers thanks to the founder of Credo, it can be assumed that first-class freelancers will be found for the respective project.