Alternatives to Twago

Twago stands for Teamwork Across Global Offices and offers a possibility for just that. Twago is a platform that provides internet-based services and also other start-ups for small and medium-sized companies for the targeted contacting of clients and help with receiving orders. The outsourcing platform Twago enables its clientele to publish orders and subsequently select a provider. However, there are some disadvantages to using Twago. Although Twago advertises that it is free for clients, important features are not included in the free package and thus the customer cannot benefit from the promised cost exemption. Apart from that, the network keeps a commission, which is also disadvantageous.

Alternatives to Twago should allow their users to quickly, easily and securely set a profile. Translators, programmers and marketing experts should also get the chance to find a suitable customer through the alternatives. In addition, the alternatives are easy to use - so the usability aspect is relevant here. In alternative platforms, the customer should be offered the opportunity to describe his / her respective project, receive offers and be able to process the payment securely via the platform. In addition, the customer must be able to obtain a good overview in a short time and be able to compare the respective offers. The last major criterion is the possibility to set up your own portfolio for free.

Good options that can compete with Twago are presented in the following sections.


Freelancermap is a job board for freelancers and clients looking for projects for freelancers. Freelancermap enables freelancers to create an extensive profile and attract potential clients. Clients have the option of hiring projects with extensive job descriptions. Mainly this platform is aimed at freelancers from the IT and engineering industry - but also freelancers from the fields of management consulting, media, graphics and sales are included. On freelancermap the customer can choose between a basic subscription, a premium subscription, a business subscription and an enterprise subscription. The basic rate includes the most important features such as the creation of a profile and the opportunity to apply for any number of vacancies. For the clientele, for example, who want to create several accounts or enjoy premium services, they must make use of a fee-based tariff.

It should also be noted that on freelancermap both the freelancers and the clients have to pay for additional services. Freelancers also differentiate between single- and multi-user accounts and the contract period is at least one month and a maximum of 24 months, whereby the contract duration for the Business and Enterprise subscriptions is at least six months. The prices fall with increasing contract duration and are legitimate. Freelancers can create detailed profiles on freelancermap and present their qualifications there, since the profiles are extremely flexible.
In addition, freelancers in your profile can share their current availability status, which makes searching much easier for clients. The ability to contact them is direct, fast and convenient, providing both freelancers and clients with a good foundation to make quick decisions. Also, the project tender is simple, quick to do and inexpensive. Furthermore, freelancers and companies can benefit from the freelancermap newsletter, which is high quality and full of useful information.


Clickworker is a platform where clients can place their orders. The participants registered on Clickworker (here called „Clickworkers“) then accept these orders. The focus is mainly on the creation of translations or the writing of texts for the client’s websites. On the one hand you have the already mentioned text creator and on the other hand the areas of data categorization, proofreading, proofreading, web research and surveys. In addition, Clickworker gives you the opportunity to order videos and other online offers. At Clickworker it should be noted that the work is done on a fee basis and billing is done through the company. Ergo, Clickworker can be seen as an intermediary between freelancers and clients. is a freelancing marketplace for freelancers and companies from all sectors, with a focus on IT and engineering. It is a website for the German-speaking countries and publishes in its entirety project offers and sought after freelancers. enables its customers to access an extensive project and freelancer database without brokerage and commission on signing. Freelancers and clients can use to establish the first contact with each other. In addition, freelancers can apply there to advertised projects. Every single freelancer can create his professional profile relatively easily. Customers of can assume that they can find qualified and experienced freelancers. For, the aspect of transparency is in the foreground during the entire exchange process on the platform in order to give freelancers and clients a suitable basis for finding the ideal project or the ideal freelancer for the project.


Projektwerk is an online job exchange for freelancers looking for suitable projects and for clients who are looking for freelancers for their respective projects. Several thousand freelancers and clients from the IT, consulting, engineering, creative, medical, fashion and architecture sectors use Projektwerk as a project exchange and publish their profiles and projects there. Projektwerk also offers a platform for tendering vacancies and interest in smaller companies, often lost in the overwhelming labor market. At Projektwerk, clients publish their projects and freelancers market their expertise through their expert profile. The clients and freelancers come into direct contact via Projektwerk and thus have the opportunity to have an interview and a discussion. With the help of the Projektwerk matchings, the profiles and projects are automatically compared with each other and the results are displayed in real time, which makes the search much easier. The ranking of the matches in the matching results depends on the degree of agreement between the two matching aspects: the more the requirement of the project offers is in line with the freelancer's expertise, the higher the ranking of the hit. However, the members of Projektwerk can also make use of the classic search and thus discover their own expert profiles and projects. After the free registration, the publication of the project or the profile can be done in a few steps. Projektwerk does not charge commissions, unlike traditional job boards, because it is a member network.